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FREE Training Day

FREE Training Day

updated: 02/07/2013

FREE Training Day - 13 July (Proposed Date)

We are planning on running a free training day. This would be an ideal opportunity for people who are not currently involved in a voluntary organisation to get some hands on time with equipment and refresh their skills.


People should be PHECC responder or practitioner. People from other healthcare backgrounds such as nurses etc are welcome also.

What's Involved
The day will be broken down into a number of different stations featuring of different skills. We will focus primarily on skills practice. There wont be any theory learning presented on the course. 

What we will cover

  • Cardiac Arrest and Management
  • Adult Airway Management
  • Lower Limb Splinting
  • Spinal Board and Log Roll
  • Cervical Collar Application and Use#
  • Pelvic Splint
  • Outdoor Scenarios (Weather permitting)

What's the Catch!
There is no catch! The training day will be completely free and open to anybody who has a practitioner or responder certificate from PHECC or who is from a healthcare background. However... we would ask that people get involved! We will need a couple of people who can look after various stations. So for example, if airway management is your thing, or you are really good at log roll then we would ask that you look after them. We are not looking for you to design power-points or lesson plans. Just be confident enough to lead people with similar skills or experience to yours through a scenario and be able to provide feedback after.

For people who are not going to looking after a station, we would ask you to bring a packet of biscuits, some fruit or a pack of yoghurt's. We will provide the tea and coffee!

If this sounds like something you are interested in then just leave a comment below. Also, if you would like to see something included let us know...


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