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Sling a thing of the past or useful bit of kit?

We would like your opinion on this question!

As I am sure you are aware, anybody who has ever completed a first aid course will have been taught how to apply a sling using a triangular bandage. 

arm sling

My question is this; Are slings still as relevant/useful today as they once were?

Points to consider:

1. The casualty will usually place an injured arm in the most comfortable position for themselves.

2. Putting the arm in a sling will require additional movement from the position the arm is now in. Usually movement = pain! 

3. Not considering remote rescue situations, does the sling offer any advantages over manual support given that generally, a hospital is relatively close by. 

4. Would you have the confidence to apply a sling with only a basic first aid course done?

Let us know your own thought's below!

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