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Reunite Lucy the Lion

Reunite Lucy the Lion

Help us reunite Lucy the Lion with her family

We are trying to reunite Lucy the Lion from the family she was seperated from nearly 6 years ago. We don't have many details about who she belongs to but there are a couple of details we do know that may sparks someone's memory. 

She originally belonged to a young child, however tragically that young child passed away. Lucy was passed to a younger sibling of the family.

While on a day out ice skating at Smithfield on Ice some time around late 2008, Lucy was went missing from the family. Despite the best efforts of family, staff and customers Lucy could not be found. It is easy to imagine why Lucy means so much to the family and the child. The whole family were heartbroken when they couldn't find her. 

It wasn't until the ice rink was being dismantled that Lucy reappeared. It is not know where she was or who found her, she just showed up one day!

Unfortunatly the contact details for the family were not taken down or had been misplaced. At that time we put out appeals via The Joe Duffy show and The Ray D'arcy show but we were unable to find the family. 

Now we are once again trying to reunite Lucy with her family and send her home....

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