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BLS 2015 Guidelines Online Instructor Update Courses

BLS 2015 Guidelines Online Instructor Update Courses

2015 Guidelines Online Instructor Update Courses

All instructors must complete the online instructor update  before 1st March 2016 or prior to teaching courses using the interim materials or new 2015 course materials when they are released.

The courses provide instructors with the necessary updates on the new science and key changes published in the 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR & ECC and provide and orientation and guidance to delivering courses using the interim training materials to incorporate 2015 science and education updates into current courses.

Instructors should complete an instructor update course for each teaching discipline e.g. BLS and ACLS certified instructors will need to complete both the BLS and ACLS courses. Please note that BLS instructors do not need to complete the Heartsaver course as all the relevant information is included in the BLS update course for BLS and Heartsaver Courses.

In order to access these online instructor update courses instructors should login to the AHA Instructor Network at For those that have not registered and accessed the instructor network before, you can register by selecting the red ‘Register Now’ box on the left hand side of the AHA Instructor Network homepage and follow through the process to set up your account.

If instructors have forgotten their password, it can be reset by first clicking on the red ‘Login’ box on the AHA Instructor Network homepage and then selecting ‘Forgot password’ beneath the red Sign In box.

Instructors can only access the update courses when they have registered to access the AHA Instructor Network, aligned themselves with the Irish Heart Foundation as their training centre and that alignment has been approved by the IHF. Please note that instructors registering on the network for the first time will not be able to access the updates until their alignment has been approved and these will be done by the IHF on a daily basis during week days. Only currently certified Irish Heart Foundation instructors will be approved for access to the network.

Please be aware that the Irish Heart Foundation does not have access to password information or the back end of the AHA Instructor Network so if you encounter other technical issues please talk to your own IT department or log them with the AHA.

Please note that this course is NOT supported by Explorer 11 however it is supported by Mozilla, Chrome, Firefox and Explorer 10.


Interim Materials

Interim materials for all IHF/AHA courses are available on the AHA Instructor Network – When instructors have logged into the instructor network the interim materials can be found within the News & Archives Section.

The interim course exams are only available from the Irish Heart Foundation and you will find a copy of the BLS for Healthcare Provider Exams attached to this email. Interim ACLS Provider Course exams will be sent on to all ACLS Training Sites early next week.


Course Materials Release Dates

BLS for Healthcare Provider Course Materials are due for release on Tuesday 16th February 2015 and you may be able to pre-order course materials from the usual AHA suppliers.

We have been given the following guidelines for release of other course materials and will update you as we are informed of more exact dates:

  • March/April 2016 – Heartsaver
  • March/April – ACLS Provider
  • May/June – Family & Friends CPR
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