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ECG Quiz 7

50 Year Old Female: Chest Discomfort

You are called to a examine woman who has been complaining of chest discomfort. He husband informs you that she has been having this chest pain for over an hour.

You start to examine the woman and notice that she is diaphoretic:

  • Onset: 1 Hour ago
  • Provocation/Palliation: nothing makes it better or worse
  • Quality: "pressure"
  • Radiation: none
  • Severity: "it isn't that bad"
  • Timing: constant

You connect the woman to the monitor and record some vitals

  • Pulse: 71, 
  • BP: 126/78
  • Resps: 14, unlabored
  • SpO2: 96% r/a

 As the rhythm strips prints you get a quick medical history

  • PMHx: hypertension, Intermittent Cardiac Arrhythmias, palpitations
  • Meds: "Beta Blockers"
  • Allergies: "None"
  • Last Meal: "Breakfast"
  • Events: sudden onset of chest discomfort before work.


  • Does the ECG show any abnormalities?
  • How would you treat the patient?
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