This course is being phased out, it is being replaced with the PHECC First Aid Response Course. Click here to find out more.
The course covers a range of topics to do with general first aid emergencies including how to recognise an injury or illness, how to provide treatment based on your findings and how what to watch for before the arrival of an ambulance. 
There are currently no prerequisites for this course. Students should be physically well enough to carry out chest compression on a manikin while kneeling.
Who's it for
The course is for people who have been asked to act as first aiders in their workplace. The course is also suitable for people who may be expected to deal with a variety of first aid situations in and out of a workplace setting.
  • First Aid in the workplace
  • Patient Assessment
  • Respiratory Emergencies
  • Cardiac First Response
  • Wounds & Bleeding
  • Altered Levels of Consciousness
  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Burns and Scalds, Chemicals, Electric Shock
Method of Delivery
The course is delivered by an instructor who will use DVD and presentations to guide you through the course. The course is delivered through English.
Duration & Assessment
The course is between 24 hours or 3 days long. This includes instruction and examination. Each student will be assessed on their CPR, two first aid scenarios and a short answer question test. Students will be graded according to the score they achieve. Students must achieve a score of at least 50% in order to pass the course. Students must individually pass each individual assessment in order to gain an overall pass on the course.
Upon successful completion of this course students will be issued with a QQI certificate. This cert will be valid for 2 years. 
In order to maintain your qualification after your two-year certification period you will be required to undertake a refresher course. The refresher course consists of a one-day course designed to refresh the knowledge and skills you learned from you initial training. You must have a valid occupational first aid certificate, QQI statement of results and or recent refresher training certificate in order to partake of this course.