This course is aimed at any person working in the nursing, healthcare or any profession where infection control and management of it is required.
Participants will receive a certificate on the day of training that is valid for 2 years

Course content:

An overview on Infection control including Hospital Acquired Infections causes and occurrences.
The World Health Organisation information on “Cleaner Care is Safer Care Pact”
Infection Prevention and control
Hand Hygiene including how to wash hands in line with the Strategy for the Control of Antimicrobial Resistance in Ireland (SARI) regulations. This includes the correct techniques and when to use Alcohol Hand Gels. A practical session for each participant to wash hands and view areas of hands missed.
Waste Management and Decontamination issues.
Personal Protection including the types of protective equipment available to use.
Needle stick injuries or any occupational health injury/ accident – what to do and how to report it.