This course is designed to equip non-healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge to facilitate CPR training in their organisation or in the community. 
Students should also have a 'HeartSaver AED' provider certificate which was issued within the last 12 months. In order to complete the instructor course, students will require access to a computer with internet access. They should also be physically fit enough to do multiple cycles of CPR over the two-day course. 
Who's it for
This course is primarily aimed at those who work in industrial, commercial or community settings that want to provide training to their colleagues or to the community at large. Students who wish to undertake this course must be a very high level of skill proficiency.
  • HeartSaver AED and CPR - Instructor Perspective
  • PHECC CFR Add-on
  • AED Trainers Presentation
  • Manikin Hygiene
  • Recovery Position
  • Effective Instructor Behaviour
  • Challenging Learners
  • Poor Instructor Behaviour
  • Role Play
  • Skills Testing
  • Irish Heart Foundation Administration
Method of Delivery
The will be delivered through DVD, lectures and role play. The course is delivered through English.
Duration & Assessment
The face to face portion of the course is two days long. Once that has been completed students are designated as "Instructor Candidates", in order to gain full instructor status students must complete the required 3 step monitoring process. This includes observing an instructor deliver a course, assisting an instructor with a course and finally, delivering a course to a group in the presence of an Irish Heart Foundation faculty member. Once this has been completed successfully students are fully qualified instructors and will receive their instructor certificate. 
Upon successful completion of this course and monitoring process students will be issued with an Irish Heart Foundation / American Heart Association credit card sized instructor certificate along with a PHECC CFR instructor certificate. These certificates will be valid for 2 years. It should also be noted that as this course is certified by both the Irish Heart Foundation & American Heart Association it is recognised internationally.
In order to maintain your qualification you will be required to deliver at least 4 courses within the two year certification period. Once you have delivered the required number of courses you must complete the final step of the monitoring process. This involves delivery a course to a group of students in the presence of an Irish Heart Foundation faculty member.